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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to view my photographs. There are days when I'm up and about when everything looks like a photograph. If I am lucky enough to have my camera with me on such days, that feeling almost always translates into the photos. The photographer's eye, like the painter's eye, is an artistic eye to cultivate and bless when it is active by honoring it with the birth of an image.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy these images.


Third generation artist and photographer, Mark Maxwell Abushady grew up in an artistic and musical family which included an avid photographer father, Amin Ramzy Abushady, and an aunt, Hoda Garnett, who had been a professional, teaching photographer for many years. Childhood trips to the photo section of the United Nations included watching the printing and developing processes - always a source of fascination. Mark's photos hang in the homes of many New Yorkers, and several have been published in trade magazines and, notably, as covers for Creations Magazine.

Guestbook for MMA Photography
Beth Hilton(non-registered)
Dear Mark,

So glad I clicked thru from Creations. Your floral shots are especially incredible. Please let me know if you'd ever like to collaborate with some of the new age musicians for their music videos :) I just did such a collaboration and nature photos are such a nice fit with instrumental music.

Thank you for sharing your writing and creativity!

[email protected](non-registered)
Hi Mark, While grazing through the internet I cam upon your site. I love your photos. I remember a few you took at night down at the Tidal Basin in DC with the Cherries in bloom.

Hope you are well.

All the best,

Laura Irace(non-registered)
I haven't visited your site in awhile. Glad you invited me back to take another look! The photos are truly visionary, peaceful, and thought provoking.

You are also a wonderful wedding photographer too!!!

Much love and success,
Marny (Mead) Hyde(non-registered)
I am so happy for you with your new business venture. It is always rewarding when we can do what we love. And you can see and feel the love in your photography.
Warmest wishes for success,
Mark, Your talent is indeed true. Congratulations! Photos are wonderful and demonstrate who you are in life. Your dad was certainly a positive influence. Love to you and thank you for sharing.
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